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Empathy in Action: What is a Community Service Worker’s Role

Posted by AOLCC

When choosing a career path, there are plenty of factors to consider. Many people start by considering their suitability for various positions based on their personalities. If you’re a naturally empathetic, caring person, you may be wondering what career will offer you the opportunity to help others face various life challenges. 

Community service workers fill this role in society, offering their clients a variety of tools to empower them to take charge of their lives after crises, mental health challenges, and various other destabilizing circumstances. Read on to discover the role of a community service worker, what skills you’ll need to succeed, and what sort of career advancements you can pursue after receiving the training you need and gaining experience. 

What Is The Role Of A Community Service Worker? 

The main objective of your role as a community service worker is to empower clients to face and cope with the unique challenges within their lives. This objective plays out in various ways, creating a dynamic, multi-faceted role best suited to those who appreciate variety in their careers. 
A community service worker is responsible for implementing a variety of government programs that address issues related to mental health, vocational rehabilitation, social assistance, crisis intervention, addiction, and much more. Community Service Workers act as brokers, connecting clients with resources that could help them. Counselling is also a major part of what is a community service worker’s role in the community and you may work with individuals, families, and groups to teach numerous skills depending on the needs of clients.

A community service worker speaking with a client in an office.
The role of a community service worker is multifaceted though the objective to empower and aid clients remains.

What Skills Will You Need To Succeed? 

Community service workers require a vast array of skills to succeed in their careers. Interpersonal skills are a must as they enable workers to connect with their clients and successfully develop a unique type of relationship called the therapeutic alliance. Empathy, active listening, and non-judgment are just a few interpersonal skills that you’ll use regularly after completing a community service worker course.

A community service worker helping a client in an office.
Get all of the skills you need to succeed as a community service worker in our rigorous training program.

In this role, record-keeping and organizational skills are valuable. Writing detailed notes on each client’s files will help them receive the highest possible level of assistance and aid legal processes when needed. In addition, you will need strong critical thinking and problem-solving skills to plan effective solutions in the face of a crisis. 

Our 34-week community service worker diploma program provides students with psychology fundamentals, information on mental health conditions and addiction, case management, sociology, counselling, and much more. 

Interesting Career Opportunities To Consider After Training 

Community service worker roles are not one size fits all. After you’ve graduated from our training program, you can expect access to a variety of interesting opportunities for advancement that only increase with your experience. Does work in any of the following settings appeal to you? 

  • Youth centres and youth protection services
  • Individual and family services
  • Civic and social organizations
  • Out-patient care centres
  • Local Community Service Centres (CLSC)
  • Vocational rehabilitation services
  • Educational services
  • Community food and housing
  • Emergency relief services

Job titles and salaries vary depending on your region but candidates with specialized training can expect wages ranging from 17.50 per hour to 32.00 per hour based on experience. 

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