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Student Aid Funding Increased for BC Adult Learners

Posted by Dave Campbell

Are students getting additional student aid and other assistance for schooling during the COVID-19 Crisis? Yes!

Announced by Prime Minister Trudeau April 22nd, the federal government is offering diverse assistant to adult learners amounting to $9B. Some have criticized that funding could have been implemented more quickly. Regardless, there are a variety of programs for both new and existing students.

Increases in Maximum Funding Limits for Student Aid in BC

Many new and potential students look to StudentAidBC to fund their career training. The weekly allowances have been increased for all students by $140 per week or approximately $560 per month. This is an increase of 27 to 43% for most students.
Students with Dependents – $510 up to $650 per week
Students without Dependents – $320 up to $460 per week

Additional Benefits for Canadian Students

In addition to increase in StudentAid, Canadian adult learners will be eligible for $1,250 a month for students without dependents and up to $1,750 for those with dependents or a disability. This is benefit is available to those who are unemployed or receive less than $1000 per month in employment.

Students who engage in volunteering in federal service may be eligible to receive up to $5000 per month for those activities depending on the hours volunteered.

There are other assistance and funding to students include funding for indigenous adult learners and extending expiring research programs that employ students.

Find out more about the StudentAidBC increases and federal assistance available for students.

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