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Considering a Graphic Designer Program? Build These Skills

Posted by AOLCC

Graphic Design is a multiform and creative career that allows professionals to communicate information through visual concepts. Using elements such as shapes, colours, images, and typography, graphic designers can engage with their audience and connect with them to deliver specific messages. 

Successful graphic designers must undergo training to acquire specific skill sets. With the proper training, graphic design students will learn how to efficiently use colours and typography, the ins and outs of software such as Adobe Creative Cloud, and more. In addition to mastering technical design skills, students must hone soft skills, such as communication, strategy, and creativity to be able to effectively land clients and impress their employers.

Read on to learn more about the skills that will help you on your path to becoming a successful graphic designer!

Technical Design Skills You’ll Learn in a Graphic Designer Program

Graphic design training is essential for students who want to gain access to certain skills used in this industry. In many programs, students will find courses that allow them to develop their technical design skills.

When looking for a graphic designer program, aspiring designers should seek courses that teach software such as Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator. A good program will also provide students with an understanding of colour theory, typography, and composition, as well as the opportunity to practice their skills through hands-on projects.

At the Academy of Learning Career College in British Columbia (AOLCC BC), students will have lessons in Adobe Software, Colour Theory, Fundamentals of Typography, and Fundamentals of Logo Design through the Graphic Designer Training Program. This training will allow them to gain expertise in software used by graphic designers worldwide. Students will also gain the confidence to execute those skills when starting their new career.

Soft Skills Will Help You Stand Out as a Graphic Designer

Technical design skills aren’t the only skills you’ll need when it comes to achieving your dream career. Honing some critical soft skills will also be essential. These can include creative thinking, teamwork, time management, and networking skills, to name a few.

If you’re interested in a graphic design career, you are likely already naturally creative. However, immersing yourself in a program full of like-minded peers and learning different tools you can use to communicate that creativity will certainly help you sharpen your natural gift. Additionally, the wide range of hands-on graphic design projects that you will be responsible for completing throughout the duration of your program will put you in the drivers seat to effectively manage your time, ensuring your projects are completed well and on time.

Enrolling in career training will provide you with many opportunities to meet new people, especially those you are studying alongside, while networking and securing important connections that will prove beneficial once you launch your career.

graphic designer program
Network and make meaningful connections through graphic design training

Other soft skills that might come in handy include strategic thinking and problem-solving. Working as a graphic designer, you will need to be strategic. This will help you to understand which layouts will attract an audience’s attention and how to deliver your message effectively and clearly. As for problem-solving, as a graphic designer, this particular skill will help you pinpoint the elements that aren’t working or resonating with the correct audience and quickly pivot to make changes that will perform better.

Good Communication Skills Build Confidence for Pitches

Once you begin your graphic design career, you may be asked to present your work to your employer, your team, or your clients. In order to effectively explain your design, you will need to learn how to communicate your ideas in a clear and concise way. 

career training
Learn to effectively use visuals to assist in pitches and presentations

AOLCC BC’s program offers courses to help students with their presentation skills. Using visuals and tools like Microsoft PowerPoint to assist with presentations can help you refine the communication process when sharing your ideas. During your program, you will work in teams on various projects, allowing you to practice communicating with your peers. Here, you’ll be able to pitch and discuss your ideas and get feedback on areas that can be improved.

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