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5 Reasons to Enroll in Accounting and Business Technology

Posted by AOLCC

Seeking a new career can sometimes leave you feeling uneasy when you don’t know where your new endeavours will take you. At the Academy of Learning Career Colleges in British Columbia, you can enrol in a program that fulfils your passions while taking the necessary steps to achieve your career aspirations. The specialized field of accounting and business technology is a career path that can open up doors for a future in the industry, making it a great starting point if you’re seeking a new career.

The Accounting and Business Technology program at AOLCC BC provides students with the knowledge and applicable skills to meet the demands of today’s business environment. Discover the top reasons to enrol in this program that can help make your career switch that much easier.

1. Break into the Field of Computerized Accounting

Getting into the computerized accounting industry can often take individuals many years, many entry-level positions, and many certifications before they even start on a true career path that they are passionate about. With our Accounting and Business Technology program, you will be able to make entry into the computerized accounting field during a time of rapid growth and need for skilled individuals. 

2. Gain Practical Experience to Build Confidence

During your studies, you will be able to not only acquire specialized knowledge and skills but apply them practically throughout your program. With simulations and drills, you will be able to test your skills and build your confidence in your abilities with the guidance of our experienced and qualified Learning Coaches. 

We also implement the Integrated Learning System, which engages all students with hands-on tasks and exercises, providing them with the practical experience necessary to transition seamlessly into the workplace when they begin their new careers.

career training
Students in our Accounting and Business Technology program get to practice their skills hands-on to build confidence in their abilities

3. Become a Valuable Asset to Any Business Team

No matter your prior skill or experience level, our program will launch you into a place where you can confidently take the lead in building the future you want. Through learning extensive accounting skills, business skills, office skills, and database management skills, you will be able to tackle daily challenges seamlessly in a future role at a business. 

When you choose AOLCC BC, you will receive personalized career support through an on-site administrator who is available to assist in identifying career opportunities for you after graduation. Students are also provided with support throughout the networking and job application process, highlighting a clear path towards a bright future. The moment you invest in yourself is the moment you start to see what your life can become.

4. Advance Your Skills with Career Training in Under One Year

We know that students can often feel stressed as they begin their journey to a new career, which is why we have curated our programs to be completed in an accelerated time frame. This program is 41 weeks long, giving you the necessary skills to actually begin your new career within one year. 

This Accounting and Business Technology diploma will give you the proper career training that you need so that upon graduation, you aren’t left wondering if you’re truly ready to start in the workforce – you will be!

accounting programs in BC
Switching to a new career doesn’t have to take years, which is why we have created a program that can be completed in 41 weeks

5. Improve Your Financial Management in Your Personal and Professional Life

Your reasons for seeking a new career may stem from your desire to be more fulfilled and possibly to improve your personal finances. With a lucrative career in computerized accounting, you may finally be able to rely on a steady income in a new role, while also holding the skills you need to manage your personal finances. 

Improving your professional and personal life skills will always be worth the investment of your time, money, and resources, and AOLCC BC is here to help you every step of the way.

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