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Windows 10 Course – Level 1 and 2 Certificate

Windows 10 Course – Training in Beginner through Advanced

Academy of Learning offers two levels of Windows 10 course. You can receive training in the most popular operating system in the world and what is used most often in the workplace. Level 1 covers core skills for users including installing devices such as printers, file management in Windows 10, and internet capabilities and customization. Then in level 2 you will learn about more advanced skills suck as storage and back-up, troubleshooting and customization in Windows 10. Each Windows 10 course includes:

  • Online access through the ILS (Integrated Learning System) to all materials including text, audio files, videos, and interactive PowerPoint training
  • Comprehensive textbooks and guides that include all course material. Plenty of images and screen shots along with room for your own notes
  • One-on-one support from our Learning Coaches who are there to help you over whatever hurdles you may encounter

These Windows 10 Courses are available at the following Campuses:

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Windows 10 Course - Windows Training - Beginner - Continuing Education

Microsoft Windows 10 Course – Level 1

Windows 10 Level 1 course provides an overview and introduction to the Microsoft Windows 10 operating system.

This course covers the basic concepts and most commonly used features and functions of Windows 10. The course will walk you through performing basic operations such as: opening applications, using Help and shutting down the computer. Additionally, you will learn to set up user accounts, create and use custom keyboard shortcuts, personalize and organize the working space, and use the Action Centre. The course will also provide you with a hands-on experience on how to connect, use and update devices, use File Explorer to manage files and folders, as well as navigate the internet using various browsers, including Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge

Module 1: The Basics of Windows 10

What is Windows 10?; Getting Started with Windows 10; User Accounts in Windows 10; Exploring the Stat Menu and Live Tiles; Introduction to Windows 10 Apps; Enabling and Disabling Tablet Mode; Uninstalling Programs/Applications; Getting Help in Windows 10; Creating Custom Keyboard Shortcuts; Locating System Information; Action Center

Module 2: Desktop and Navigation

Virtual Desktops and Task View; Exploring and Customizing the Taskbar; Managing Multiple Windows; Creating Desktop Shortcuts; Understanding Touchpad Gestures; Ease of Access

Module 3: Monitors & Devices Windows 10 Course

Multiple Monitors; Sound Devices; Device Drivers

Module 4: File Management! 

Introduction to File Explorer; File and Folder Properties; Searching for Files and Folders; Creating and Renaming Files or Folders; Selecting Files and Folders; Moving, Copying and Deleting Files and Folders; Using the Recycle Bin

Module 5: Personalizing Windows 10 Course

Personalizing the Start Menu; Changing Your Computer’s Theme; Personalizing User Accounts; Customizing Settings; Modifying Folder Options

Module 6: Dealing with Printers

Adding a Printer; Printing in Windows 10; Troubleshooting Printer Problems; Installing Fonts

Module 7: Internet and Windows 10 Training

What is the Internet?; What is World Wide Web?; Setting Up an Internet Connection; Introduction to Internet Explorer; Using Microsoft Edge

Windows 10 Course - Windows Training - Intermediate - Continuing Education

Microsoft Windows 10 Course – Level 2

This course provides an advanced look at the Windows 10 operating system, which is a platform that builds on previous versions of Windows. In this latest version of Windows, earlier features and functionalities have been improved and new and exciting tools have been incorporated. In this course, students will learn about managing, maintaining, troubleshooting, and optimizing the Microsoft Windows 10 operating system.

Module 1: Apps to Help You

WordPad, Notepad, and Snipping Tool; Getting to Know the Calendar App; Using Cortana; Photos; Movies & TV App; Windows Media Player; Burning Files to CD; Installing Additional Software

Module 2: Troubleshooting in Windows 10 Course

Troubleshooting Windows 10; Disabling Unwanted Features in Windows 10; Fixing Other Annoyances and Issues in Windows 10; The Settings App

Module 3: Security

Using OneDrive to Store Files on the Cloud; Changing System Settings in Windows 10; Security Features in Windows 10

Module 4: Windows 10 Course Productivity

Improving Performance in Windows 10; Improving Productivity in Windows 10

Module 5: Advanced Security and Networking

Preventing Unauthorized Access in Windows 10; Restricting Access to Data and Apps in Windows 10; Networking Features in Windows 10

Module 6: Advanced Storage Options in Windows 10 Course

Reclaiming Storage Space in Windows 10; Using OneDrive for Storage; Working with Portable Storage in Windows 10; Backup and Restore in Windows 10

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AOLCC’s Integrated Learning System™

All courses in our programs are delivered through our unique Integrated Learning System™ (ILS). Through ILS, you will develop a true proficiency in each topic, no matter your age or skill level upon enrolment. Our learning coaches are with you every step of the way to provide individualized assistance and encouragement in a supportive and non-competitive learning environment. Here’s how it works:

  • You only advance to the next course when you are confident that you have mastered one topic and are ready to move on to the next
  • You participate in hands-on exercises, tasks and practice exams that test your knowledge and give you confidence
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These Windows 10 courses include online/digital resources, interactive practice, remote access for safety, one-on-one Learning Coach assistance, and a comprehensive textbook or guide. These courses are recognized across the province and country. Additionally they are also eligible for third party funding including Worksafe, insurance, employer, WorkBC organizations and many more.

Students accomplish the learning objectives for each module through a series of hands-on tasks, for which they are given step-by-step instructions and desired result checkpoints. The tasks provide ample opportunity for students to practice, apply, and develop the skills covered in the course.

A practice exercise and review questions are included at the end of each module to measure progress and reinforce the skills learned. There is also a lab exercise at the end of the course to provide further practice and review to reinforce the topics learned throughout the course, and to help prepare students for the exam.


Each level 1-3 Weeks
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