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Microsoft Outlook Certification In BC

Continuing Education Outlook Classes – The Best Outlook Training Courses

Academy of Learning offers two Microsoft Outlook training levels for every one from pure beginners, to those needing an Outlook refresher, to those who need to upgrade their skills to an expert level. Each course includes everything you need for success.

  • Online access through the ILS (Integrated Learning System) to all materials including text, audio files, videos, and interactive PowerPoint training
  • Comprehensive textbooks that include all course material. Plenty of images and screen shots along with room for your own notes
  • One-on-one support from our Learning Coaches who are there to help you over whatever hurdles you may encounter

Both levels of our MS Outlook training is available at the following campuses:

MS Outlook Course - Microsoft Outlook Training - Beginner, Basics, Intermediate

Microsoft Outlook – Level 1

In this course, students learn how to use both the e-mail program and the personal information manager components of Microsoft Outlook. The skills learned in this course will help students use Microsoft Outlook effectively both at work and in their personal lives. View PDF of Microsoft Outlook – Level 1.

Module 1: Navigating MS Outlook

Introduction to Microsoft Outlook; Starting and Exiting the Application; Exploring the Microsoft Outlook Environment; The Shortcut Menu and Dialog Boxes, and Working with Outlook; Getting Help While You Work

Module 2: Microsoft Outlook Email and Messages

Sending Messages; Receiving Messages; Printing and Deleting Messages; Replying to and Forwarding Messages; Formatting Messages

Module 3: Contacts in Microsoft Outlook

Creating and Using Contacts; Using Electronic Business Cards; Organizing and Finding Contacts; Using the Address Book; Using Contact Groups; Printing Contacts

Module 4: Calendar Options and Appointments

Viewing the Calendar; Changing Calendar Options; Scheduling Appointments; Scheduling Events; Scheduling Recurring Appointments; Managing Calendar Items; Printing

Module 5: MS Outlook Tasks

Creating and Editing Tasks; Creating a Recurring Task; Working with Tasks in Other Areas of Outlook; Assigning and Tracking Tasks; Viewing and Organizing Tasks; Printing; Changing Preferences

Module 6: Journals in Microsoft

Using Journal; Manually Creating a Journal Entry; Automatically Creating Journal Entries; Viewing the Journal; Using Notes; Changing Views of Notes; Assigning Contacts to Notes; Printing and Deleting Notes

Microsoft Outlook Course Level 2 - Advanced to Expert

Microsoft Outlook 2010 – Level 2

In this course, students learn to customize Outlook, personalize and secure e-mail messages, and organize and manage e-mail effectively. Students learn to search, sort, filter and categorize e-mail messages. They learn to archive messages, and retrieve archived messages, create and manage rules, and customize message alerts. They also learn how to utilize Outlook to collaborate and share information with others. View PDF of Microsoft Outlook – Level 2.

Module 1: Formatting, Attachments and Folders

Formatting Message Content; Working with Message Attachments; Organizing Mail Using Folders; Using Search Folders

Module 2: Navigating and Customizing MS Outlook

Customizing the Navigation Pane; Customizing the Ribbon; Customizing the Quick Access Toolbar; Working with the To-Do Bar and Changing Views; Modifying E-mail Options; Managing E-mail Accounts

Module 3: Signatures and Security Options in Microsoft

Using E-mail Signatures; Modifying Message Options; Securing E-mail Messages; Saving Messages

Module 4: Categories, Flags and Archiving for Microsoft Outlook

Arranging and Searching; Using Color Categories and Message Flags; Archiving Data

Module 5: Rules, Shortcuts and Junk

Using Rules; Creating a an Automated Response Rule; Using Quick Steps; Filtering Junk E-mail; Using Desktop Alerts for New Messages

Module 6: Calendars, Meetings, Schedules

Scheduling Meetings; Sharing and Viewing Calendars; Using Voting Buttons

AOLCC’s Integrated Learning System™

All courses in our programs are delivered through our unique Integrated Learning System™ (ILS). Through ILS, you will develop a true proficiency in each topic, no matter your age or skill level upon enrolment. Our learning coaches are with you every step of the way to provide individualized assistance and encouragement in a supportive and non-competitive learning environment. Here’s how it works:

  • You only advance to the next course when you are confident that you have mastered one topic and are ready to move on to the next
  • You participate in hands-on exercises, tasks and practice exams that test your knowledge and give you confidence
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Each level of Microsoft Outlook includes online/digital resources, interactive practice, remote access for safety, one-on-one Learning Coach assistance, and comprehensive textbooks. These courses are recognized across the province and country. They are also eligible for third party funding including Worksafe, insurance, employer, WorkBC organizations and many more.

Students accomplish the learning objectives for each module through a series of hands-on tasks, for which they are given step-by-step instructions and desired result checkpoints. The tasks provide ample opportunity for students to practice, apply, and develop the skills covered in the course.

A practice exercise and review questions are included at the end of each module to measure progress and reinforce the skills learned. There is also a lab exercise at the end of the course to provide further practice and review to reinforce the topics learned throughout the course, and to help prepare students for the exam.


Each level 1 - 3 Weeks
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